How to Have a Stress-Free Christmas

December and the holidays!

Definitely the time of year when you feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day for your ever-growing to-do list. Shopping, wrapping, cooking, baking, cleaning, last-minute gift finding! Ugh! It’s not surprising that more and more people are dreaming of a simpler and more old-fashioned Christmas. This year, why not break up with this beat-the-clock tradition and aim for a stress-free celebration season? Here is how to stay as zen as Mother Claus!

Delegate: Or How to Have a Stress-Free Christmas

You are the (lucky) one this year! Yup, it’s your turn to entertain the entire extended family on the 25th of December. Come up with a new Christmas tradition: delegate. Start planning early, create a simple menu, write down a to-do list and give everyone a task to complete. For groceries, shop ahead of time or have them delivered if that service is available near you. You could cook and bake before the big day and simply store all that yummy food in the freezer.

Ask Your Guests to Cook

If every guest brings one dish, it will considerably reduce your workload in the kitchen. Your brother-in-law has a special gingerbread recipe passed down from generation to generation. Great! You can skip baking your gingerbread people for this year!

Trucs pour rester zen ce temps des fêtes

Ignore the Chaos: Take a Well-Deserved Break

It might sound ridiculous to stop and take a break when hours are flying by at the speed of light, but recharging your batteries is essential. Whether it is before, during or after the holidays, plan a few moments of “ME time” to get away from that crazy busy chaos. A little bit of TLC for your body and soul is always beneficial. Why not read a good book, have a movie night or go out for coffee in a cozy shop!

Plan a Day at the Spa in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Not enough time to run to the spa for a well-deserved pampering session? No problem! You can experience that same feeling of pure bliss and relaxation right at home with Chanv’s natural body care products. Start with a long warm bath with their bath and massage oil and enjoy the soothing lavender aroma. Then, try their hemp-based exfoliating scrub and end your spa routine with their rich moisturizing lotion. Not only will you feel rested, but your skin will be glowing in time for the holidays.

Shop Online to Avoid Crowds

Running errands on December 23rd is the opposite of a stress-free Christmas. Between the frantic search for that impossible to find gift for your nephew and navigating through crowds of busy people, holiday shopping is not what we call a meditation session. If you’re close to the big day and you have nothing done, don’t worry, many companies offer speedy delivery up to a few days before the 25th. Finally, one way to have a more manageable to-do list is to cut down on the number of gifts. Less is best! After all, the most important thing is to spend quality time with loved ones, not how many presents are under the tree.

Practice Mindfulness This Christmas

In the hustle bustle of it all, it can become challenging to truly enjoy the holidays! Even though it’s difficult, try practising mindfulness during that magical time of year. You think you can’t? Make it a priority!

Stop for a minute and look around you. Christmas carols are playing in the background, the lights in your Christmas tree are shining like tiny shooting stars, that bright red velvety ribbon feels soft on your fingers and the kitchen smells of warm sugar cookies and savory foods. Isn’t what mindfulness is all about? Isn’t it about enjoying the small things, becoming aware of those simple moments and being conscious of the beauty around you?

Learn to Let Go and Ditch Perfection

Having unrealistic expectations this holiday season will only increase your anxiety level. Perfection shouldn’t be a goal. Your house doesn’t need to look like a Winter Wonderland and your Christmas dinner, like a chef’s masterpiece. So what if your aunt brought her delicious minced meat pies for the buffet and it doesn’t fit your idea of a perfect meal. Just embrace it and who knows, you might even rediscover and enjoy (or not) that old-fashioned dish!

Votre tante a apporté son « délicieux » aspic même si vous lui aviez donné congé de popote cette année. Posez-vous la question : et puis après? Est-ce vraiment si important que votre buffet tel-que-vous-l’aviez-imaginé doive supporter cet ajout, on vous l’accorde, un peu rétro? Est-ce que c’est ce dont on se souviendra? Non. En fin de compte, vous aurez rendu tante-aspic heureuse et relancé la mode de ce mets gélatineux sur les réseaux sociaux (ou pas).

Ce Noël, zénitude et célébrations feront la paire, c’est promis. Laissez la magie des fêtes vous envahir, oubliez la perfection et osez prendre du temps pour vous dorloter. Après tout, la priorité c’est de passer de doux moments!

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