This Month’s Discovery: Our CHANV Muscle Cream

The muscular system, that fantastic and fascinating machine, has more than 600 muscles! Without some of them, daily movements such as standing up, brushing your teeth, carrying objects or getting through a workout session would be impossible. Your legs and feet are a good example of hard-working body parts! They act as shock absorbers with every step you take, on top of supporting most of your weight. In a lifetime, your feet will walk 170 000 km on average. That’s like hiking more than four times around the earth! Knowing this fact, it isn’t surprising that muscles get sore and stiff. What can be done about it?

Discover the CHANV Muscle Cream

That’s where Chanv comes to the rescue with its remarkable Muscle Cream! That little miracle in a jar is as soothing as a day at the spa. Of course, an ideal scenario would be to have a personal massage therapist on standby for a weekly or even a daily massage like stars do. (A girl can dream, can’t she?) Since we don’t have Beyoncé’s bank account, Chanv’s Muscle Cream is a super duper interesting alternative.

The Benefits of Hemp Oil

The Muscle Cream, like all Chanv products, is made as much as possible with natural ingredients. Of course, hemp oil is THE star of Chanv. For those who aren’t familiar yet with this amazing plant-based oil, let’s just say its list of benefits is pretty long. The oil used in all Chanv products comes from hemp seeds that are grown and transformed locally, here in Québec. Pampering your muscles with a local and natural lotion sounds great, doesn’t it? Wait, there is more! The Muscle Cream relieves tensions, has a calming effect and soothes sore muscles. Physical relaxation on demand!

Star Ingredient: Arnica

On top of hemp oil, carefully selected essential oils are added for their anti-inflammatory properties. But the star of this product is without a doubt arnica, with 10% compared to 2% in similar creams. The strong presence of flavonoids in arnica reduces inflammations and acts as a pain reliever.

Sore Muscles? Essential Oils to the Rescue!

Our Muscle Cream is a dream team against sore muscles. It’s the S.W.A.T. team against aches and pains. Teaming up with arnica is a whole army of essential oils such as clove, balsam Copaiba, menthol, lavender rosemary and wintergreen. 118 ml of pure relief! Together, these essential oils soothe, calm, act as a painkiller and keep cramps and aches away. They also have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, great for joint and muscle problems.

Perfection in a Jar

Your muscles are important, that’s why giving them the best treatment possible is a top priority. Think about it! Some muscles even keep you alive. Yup, you read that right. They control breathing and make your heart beat. Of course, our Muscle Cream won’t fix broken hearts, but for every other sore muscle, it’s the go-to solution. It has no GMOs, phthalates or paraben. It is also vegan and cruelty-free! How close to perfection is this?

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