How to cure acne naturally?

How to cure acne naturally?
It happens to us all, we wake up one morning with a nasty intruder on our face or on our body: an ugly acne pimple! Usually caused by an excessive sebum production and clogging of the pores of the skin, acne is a skin condition that affects about 80% of teenagers, but it can also affect newborns and adults. The good news? Acne can be cured naturally! This skin disease is so common that we can find, in every drugstore, a wide range of products to remove those awful pimples and prevent their reoccurrence. On the other hand, the vast majority of these products contain a good amount of chemical agents that can irritate and dry the skin. For those of you who are looking for alternatives to such products, there are fortunately some all-natural tricks that will help treat acne pimples.

1 – Clay and rose water facial mask

With its healing, softening and purifying properties, clay will help you fight the bacteria that causes acne pimples and dry them out. Rose water will help moisturize and tone the skin. It’s easy to make a clay mask! Simply mix powdered clay with a little rose water to make a paste, apply on the skin and let dry. Once the mask is dry, rinse well with clear water.

2 – Lemon juice

Lemon contains ascorbic acid, which can help dry out pimples. In addition, lemon juice has antibacterial properties. This will help eliminate the bacteria that causes pimples. Using a make-up pad or a cotton swab, apply a little lemon juice to the pimples. Leave on for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with clear water. How to cure acne naturally?

3 – Oats

Well known for its ability to treat certain skin conditions, including those caused by overactive sebaceous glands, oats are a great option to treat acne pimples, both on the face and on the body. The aerial part of the plant used for skin care is called straw. It can be infused by combining 100 grams of oat straw with 1 liter of boiling water, which is then poured into the bath water. To treat pimples in the face, simply clean the skin with the infusion. How to cure acne naturally?

4 – Apple cider vinegar

Le vinaigre de cidre a plusieurs vertus et il est régulièrement utilisé pour soigner divers maux dont l’acné. Ces propriétés désinfectantes vous seront effectivement utiles pour soigner les boutons d’acné, tout en aidant à en faire diminuer l’inflammation. Comme pour le jus de citron, vous pouvez tout simplement en appliquer sur les zones affectées, laisser agir puis rincer.

5 – Hemp to cure acne

Your best allies in the care of acne pimples are the healing and regenerative properties of hemp. Indeed, hemp oil will help reduce inflammation and redness. It will also help repair your skin tissue and relieve irritation. CHANV has designed an all-natural hemp ointment incorporating Italian Helichrysum. The latter is known for its beneficial effects on all skin problems, including acne. When acne pimples show up on your face or body, you will only have to apply a little of our Hemp Ointment to see them disappear after a few days only. How to cure acne naturally?

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