Easy Ways to Reduce Stress

Ah! Stress! Wouldn’t we all love to get rid of it forever? It’s everywhere from magazines to self-help books: stress is bad, stress is wrong. Do you ever get stressed … about being stressed?

Say Goodbye to Bad Stress

Stress isn’t always a negative thing! It is a normal reaction and even a key reaction for survival in some situations. For example, stress is what will push you to run for your life if you are being chased by a three-headed monster. Of course, we are joking about the monster, but stress really is essential in order to react quickly and properly when you are in danger. It is also what motivates you to finish that dreadful project by the requested deadline.

When stress is well managed, it is actually a good thing! Unfortunately, problems arise when your brain starts seeing every situation as a dangerous monster to fight off. When this kind of bad stress hits, it can have devastating effects on your health. High blood pressure, increased heart rate, disturbed sleeping patterns and much more. When this happens, you need coping solutions … and fast! When stress shows up on your doorstep, try these easy ideas.

Herbal Tea

Drinking herbal tea could be a great way to reduce stress. Lavender, for example, has soothing properties. Before bedtime, try lemon balm or verbena, two relaxing teas which are both easy to grow in your garden.

Essential Oils

Depending on which oil you use, aromatherapy can have a powerful and soothing effect. An even better idea is to combine its benefits with the ones you get from a long warm bath after a stressful day. A few drops of our Chanv lavender bath and massage oil should do the trick and help you unwind. It might even be the ultimate stress reliever.

Music Is Good for Your Soul

Of course, listening to classical music is an excellent way to decompress. Studies have shown that this type of music reduces the level of stress hormones in the body. If Mozart isn’t your cup of tea, don’t fret. Any type of music will have a positive impact on your stress level, as long as you enjoy listening to it, of course. It can help in reducing high blood pressure, one of the causes of an out-of-control stress level.

Meditation, Yoga and Breathing

These days, learning yoga and meditation techniques is easy to do! These activities are effective stress-management tools as well as a good way to practise mindfulness. You could sign up for a class at your local gym, watch a tutorial online or even download an app on your phone. Both practices are also particularly well suited for learning some helpful, stress-reducing breathing techniques. Breeeathe.

Laugh Your Stress Off

You don’t even have to buy tickets to a stand-up comic show or look for your old jokes book. The wonderful world wide web has everything you need and more to have a good hard daily laugh. Of course, cat videos are awesome for that, but so are those who remind us of the good old days of America’s Funniest Home Videos. Laughing releases feel-good brain chemicals and makes you feel totally relaxed. Did you know kids laugh more than 300 times a day while adults only do so about 10 times? Gotta find ways to keep your heart young, don’t you think?

Your Ancestors Knew How to Live a Stress-Free Life

Because of the repeated movements required by manual labour or “busy-hands” work, this type of hobby has an almost immediate effect on stress. Some studies show that knitting could even be as effective as meditation when it comes to reducing your stress level. If knitting isn’t exactly your thing, try sewing, woodworking, weaving, pottery making or even gardening! For a more modern pastime, start colouring! Get your markers out and hit your local bookstore to find a colouring book. With the increasing popularity of what was once a kid-only activity, you will easily find what you are looking for!

Vous voyez, les stratégies efficaces pour tenir le mauvais stress loin de votre vie sont nombreuses. Passer du temps dans la nature, faire de l’activité physique, sortir entre amis, se perdre dans un bon livre et même cuisiner sont également des moyens simples de le réduire. Encore faut-il trouver la bonne formule et éviter que vos activités antistress… ne deviennent stressantes. En d’autres mots, si méditer vous apaise, mais que le trajet entre le cours de médiation et la maison est un cauchemar d’embouteillage et de détours… disons que la formule n’est pas gagnante! Le tricot, peut-être?

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