A Gift Box With Hemp Oil Body Care Products


Traveling can be quite a hassle. The constant security checks, long lines, and exceptionally long flight time make for a very tiring experience. However, what makes the trip all the more stressful is the vastly different climate. So to help you better deal with the dry climate of most countries, here is our travel essential gift box packed with our potent Chanv hand cream and lip balm. It makes a perfect gift of hemp oil body care products for the frequent traveler.

Using Chanv Hand Cream and Lip Balm

Our hand cream and lip balm use a very potent formula that provides you with all of the benefits of hemp without any of the risks. While most people have very sensitive skin that makes them unable to use most lotions and creams, our creams are natural and fit any skin type. It also makes it easier to offer as a gift.

hemp hand cream

Chanv Hand Cream 

Our Chanv hand cream is the ultimate blend of shea butter and hemp seed oil. These two ingredients make our hand cream especially moisturizing and safe to use for a variety of skin types. Our lotion also contains mint that provides its fair share of benefits and a beautiful aroma to the hand cream.

Hemp Seed Oil For a Perfect Gift

Hemp seed oil provides a multitude of different benefits to the body. Its healing properties go beyond the skin, as it is believed to help with immune function and other functions in the body. But it is, of course, a lot more famous for the many benefits that it provides to the skin. From helping with aging to reducing dryness, hemp seed oil is able to help the skin in multiple ways. And with our Chanv hand cream, you get all of the benefits of hemp seed oil.

One of the major components of the hemp seed oil is omega-3 fatty acids, which greatly helps in skin regeneration and rejuvenation. Omega-3 fatty acids are also capable of reducing inflammation in the body. These two factors alone make hemp seed oil an incredible asset in our hand cream.

Hydrated But Not Oily

Our hand cream is especially effective in keeping your skin moisturized by healing dry skin. The shea butter works alongside hemp seed oil to make your skin smooth and soft. Shea butter is also a great source of fatty acids that helps keep your skin moisturized and helps with acne as well as blemishes. Shea butter is also effective against aging and itchy skin, making it one of the best types of creams to use on your skin.

However, the best part about our Chanv hand cream is that, unlike most other creams on the market, it does not leave your hands greasy or oddly oily. Most lotions and creams fail to meet this standard and make your hands feel a lot greasier than they should. That said, our mixture of hemp oils and shea butter is able to pierce the skin deeply. Not only does this keep your skin stay moisturized for a longer period, but it also ensures that moisture does not stay out of the skin.

Finally, the added mint to our hand cream makes it all the more refreshing and helps better stimulate blood in the body. Furthermore, the mint also gives our cream a nice minty aroma. As a gift, it is a great way to express gratitude to a loved one.

lip balm

Hemp Oil Lip Balm

Our gift box also contains our potent lip balm that helps keep your lips from being chapped. Our lip balm is made of completely natural ingredients, which makes it safe to use without the fear of any adverse reactions. The ingredients include shea butter, castor oil, mint, and of course, hemp seed oil.

All of our Chanv skincare products contain hemp since it is such a versatile substance. Hemp seed oil benefits various parts of the body, such as skin and hair. That said, it is also very beneficial for your lips, as it keeps them moisturized and soft.

Since the layer of skin present on your lips is very thin, you have to take special care of our lips to avoid damage to them. And our Chanv Lip balm provides that extra layer of moisture and comfort to your lips to ensure healthy lips throughout the day. Since fatty acids are key components in your skin, hemp oil is a great source of fatty acids.

Shea butter and Castor Oil

Other than hemp oil, our lip balm also contains shea butter, which is excellent for the skin and provides excellent moisture. Shea butter also provides the necessary nutrients that your lips require during colder seasons, making it great for your dry lips. Shea butter also has moisture locking properties, which it does by penetrating moisture deep into the skin.

Not only does our lip balm moisturize your lips, but it also soothes and conditions them with the help of castor oil. Castor oil is one of the best oils to use on one’s lips, as it has amazing healing and soothing properties, and can help cuts that you get on your lips. The added mint makes for a great taste and makes the lip balm a very refreshing gift.

travel essentiels gift box

Chanv Gift Box

Let our Chanv Gift Box become your ultimate traveling companion. With the addition of two everyday use essentials like our potent hand cream and lip balm, you can depend on them to help keep your skin healthy and your lips from being chapped. The natural ingredients and the plethora of benefits that they provide are just icing on the cake.

This package can also make for a very nice gift to that special someone in your life. If your friend is traveling to another country or has very sensitive skin, this can be the perfect gift for them. And with the next holiday right around the corner, a good lotion and lip balm can show how much you care about their health.  

Why Choose CHANV Healthcare Products as a Gift

Chanv is dedicated to providing you with some of the best and most natural products currently available in the market. We only use natural ingredients in our products, ensuring that there are no adverse reactions because of using our products. Moreover, our products also contain hemp, which makes them highly versatile and effective at keeping you healthy.


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