A Natural Facial Scrub Made With Hemp Oil

Your body is a wonderful machine and your skin is no exception. It goes naturally through a cell regeneration process without you ever having to lift a finger. Fascinating, isn’t it? Unfortunately, this regeneration cycle tends to slow down with age, which means your skin needs your help to speed up the process. What happens if you don’t give it a hand? Fine lines, clogged pores, dull-looking skin and aging spots can appear, as early as in your thirties! So don’t wait for your fifties to hit, act now by adding a natural facial scrub to your weekly beauty routine.

Discover the Chanv Natural Facial Scrub

Although it is essential for a healthy-looking skin, exfoliation is too often forgotten or deemed unimportant. What are the benefits of exfoliation? It eliminates dead skin cells and impurities and oxygenates the skin. There are many different scrubs out there, but the Chanv facial scrub is definitely a must try with its plant-based oil and essential oils. When should you exfoliate? Anytime, although it is ideal to use the facial scrub at night, since this is the moment of the day when your skin is most active and working hard in its cell regeneration process. Apply it in gentle, circular movements, rinse and that’s it. You are good to go! Easy as 1,2,3.

The Benefits of Hemp Oil

The Chanv facial scrub, like all Chanv products, is made as much as possible with natural ingredients. Thanks to hemp oil, the facial scrub leaves your skin moisturized and can be used up to three times a week. Three times? Really? Yup. Our facial scrub is gentle enough for that, even if you have sensitive skin. Even if you don’t have a moisturizing cream on hand after using the scrub, your face will be silky and smooth every time, never dry.

How is that possible? Hemp oil, of course! It is the only plant-based oil with an ideal ratio of omega-3 and omega-6. Its profile is close to the natural lipids found in the skin, making it a quick-penetrating dry oil which locks moisture in and protects your skin without leaving an oily residue! That’s really good news! The oil used in all Chanv products comes from hemp seeds that are grown and transformed locally, here in Québec.

Star Ingredient for a Natural Facial Scrub: Sugar

Our scrub has tiny grains of sugar that gently scrub your skin for a light exfoliation. Sugar is a natural exfoliant that gently removes dead particles on your skin by creating a little bit of friction, but not too much, don’t worry! The grains melt away when you rinse it off, without leaving a trace. This is much better than the plastic microbeads contained in some facial scrubs! Although they have been banned in Canada since 2018, you might still have a bottle hiding in your cupboard somewhere! A study showed that as many as 8000 billion microbeads go down the drain and into waterways each day! We’d rather stick to sugar.

Essential Oils to the Rescue

This scrub includes two ingredients that work synergistically with the hemp oil: pink grapefruit and rosewood oil. And this pink duo does quite a job! Pink grapefruit essential oil offers several benefits. First, it detoxifies, stimulates the epidermal tissues, and firms the skin (we like that). Then, it performs a serious clean out of your pores! Finaly, it is great for oily, tired, wrinkled, and damaged skin. Rosewood essential oil, in addition to smelling good and having astringent properties, is an ingredient of choice for anti-aging: it is anti-wrinkle, firming, and regenerative. It is also excellent for fighting acne. It is, therefore, a perfect complement to the grapefruit + hemp team action of this scrub.

Perfection in a Jar

GMO-free, phthalate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free, the scrub restores your skin’s radiance without harming the environment or your health. That’s why it is described as (almost) perfection in a jar. Make it part of your weekly beauty routine to fight the signs of aging. It’s Spring — time for some spring cleaning, so start now with CHANV’s yummy scrub for your skin!

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