CBD for the treatment of skin diseases

When you have a skin disease, such as psoriasis or eczema, it is normal to look for healthy and natural topical treatments. If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional products, you’re in the right place! Find out how to use CBD for the treatment of skin diseases.

Psoriasis and eczema: enemies to your quality of life

Psoriasis and eczema are on the list of the most common chronic skin diseases. About 1 million Canadians suffer from psoriasis. This inflammatory disease causes a loss of the superficial layers of the skin at a rate 10 times faster than normal. As for eczema, nearly 17% of the Canadian population will suffer from the most common form of the disease at some point in their lives. People with psoriasis and eczema experience itching and severe physical pain. CBD for the treatment of skin diseases

A natural alternative: CBD for the treatment of skin diseases

Unfortunately, there are no miracle cures for these skin diseases. Creams and ointments are among the recommended treatments to better regulate skin cell regeneration and reduce inflammation. Do you favor natural products? There are alternative products made with cannabidol, a natural anti-inflammatory substance of the family of cannabidoids, to treat skin conditions. CBD for the treatment of skin diseases

Cannabidol, a beneficial ingredient

Cannabi… what? The term is a bit scary and at first glance it could fall into the category of “dubious ingredients”. However, cannabidol (CBD) is found naturally in hemp and has an amazing ability to reduce the inflammatory response of the skin. There is therefore no reason to be afraid of it. CBD is a non-psychoactive substance, meaning it does not alter your physical or mental state and does not disturb your sense of reality.

Products that have proven themselves

SAccording to a recent study, the severe itching of patients who had applied a cannabinoid cream twice a day for three weeks, had completely disappeared. It seems that the ointment had removed the dry skin that caused the itch. Other studies have also shown that cannabidoids prevent psoriatic plaques. They also reduce the irritation and redness associated with eczema. CBD stimulates the proliferation of cells and improves their differentiation. This allows skin cells to acquire their own characteristics more effectively. In addition, CBD has very powerful antioxidant properties. It is to such an extent that it is more efficient than other substances commonly used in anti-aging creams!

CHANV to the rescue!

No need to run to your doctor to get a CBD product for the treatment of skin diseases. Our Intensive Care Oil is the vegetal solution for your symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and other dermatitis or skin disorders. Essentially composed of hemp oil and therefore CBD, our Intensive Care Oil has many healing properties. It will relieve your itching skin and will hydrate it quickly. It will even repair your damaged tissues and regenerate your skin. This product and the CBD it contains will help improve your quality of life. So, why would you do without it?

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