A Few Gift Ideas for Natural Beauty Lovers

December is just around the corner and you, yes you, are totally on top of your game. You’ve completed your Christmas shopping AND managed to buy eco-friendly and locally-made presents as much as you possibly could. There is one last box left unchecked on your Santa list: a gift for that all-things-beauty-related-obsessed friend. The one who always owns the trendiest colour of lipstick. Out of ideas? No problem. We have seven awesome gift suggestions to spoil all beauty lovers out there. Best of all, these gifts are as respectful of the environment as possible AND are the perfect stocking stuffers.

1- A Bamboo Hairbrush

Hoping for hair like Rapunzel? This perfect brush made from wood and without animal hair is ideal. The bamboo bristles (hello head massage) are gentle and leave your hair static free. We all want that when the freezing temperatures mean it’s time for wool hats and caps. Bamboo is a sustainable resource that grows rapidly and that can thrive in depleted soil, making it a wise choice.

2 – Organic Kooshoo Hair Ties

These hair ties are absolute superstars. Plastic free, made from organic cotton and from biodegradable materials, they are suitable for auntie Bertha’s extravagant hairdos and your niece’s pigtail but strong enough to hold really thick hair. Impressive, right? There is more! They are ethically and responsibly made in California by a company who gives back part of their profits to charity. Not bad for simple hair ties!

7 idées-cadeaux pour célébrer la beauté au naturel

3 – Hemp Body Care CHANV Products

Whether it’s to pamper your hair, your skin, your hands, feet or face, this line of products will please everyone. Made in Quebec, vegan, cruelty-free, phtalate and paraben free, they are amazing for all skin types. Made from organic hemp oil, the only plant-based oil with a perfect ratio of omega-3 and omega-6, they are also packed with beneficial essential oils. Chanv cosmetics soothe, moisturize, hydrate and repair from head to toe. From their gentle facial scrub to their lip balm, shampoo or serum, every Chanv product will surely be a hit under the Christmas tree this year. Really, it’s like offering someone a day at the spa! If you don’t know what to choose, grab one of the three gift packages: Le Réconfortant, Le Douillet and L’Essentiel. The perfect gift for a loved one … or to keep for yourself!

I want to see the gift packages!

4 – A Bamboo Toothbrush Please, Santa

A biodegradable toothbrush? Yes! Reduce the amount of plastic in the ocean one toothbrush at a time with this bamboo option without saying goodbye to that shiny smile of yours. This stocking stuffer is a great last-minute gift idea. Made from bamboo (we’ve already raved about how awesome that material is!), it’s available in three choices of bristles: ultra-soft, soft and medium and also comes in kid size. Yes, they are made in China, but responsibly! We love their minimalist good looks.

5 – Vegan Nail Polish for Beautiful Natural Nails This Christmas

Paraben, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin. Would you invite these guests over for your Christmas dinner? We didn’t think so. Unfortunately, that is what most nail polish bottles hide. Finding a nontoxic product for your nails is almost mission impossible, even if you spend a week surfing the internet. Luckily, Bkind can almost say mission accomplished with their vegan nail polish, which is free from 10 of the most toxic ingredients usually found in other nail products. No, it’s not 100% perfect, but it’s a pretty satisfying alternative if you are looking for that bottle of Santa Claus red for a friend’s manicure.

7 idées-cadeaux pour célébrer la beauté au naturel

6 – Cotton Makeup Remover Pads

Running from one dinner party to another this holiday season? Before you hit the sack at the end of the night, don’t forget to wipe that mascara off. To save the earth and still be gentle on your face, Omaïki’s makeup remover pads are awesome. Made with organic cotton, they are soft yet sturdy enough to help you erase all traces of glitter from playing Santa’s sparkly elf for the kids on Christmas Eve.

Here you have it! Genius ideas to wish every natural beauty lover around you a happy and healthy holiday season. What are you waiting for, check off that last name on your Christmas list … and then treat yourself to a few presents from you-to-you!

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