5 New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

2019 has just started but there are already passionate discussions about new resolutions. Amongst the most popular ones: shed a few pounds, be more active or cut back on time spent on social media. In other words, nothing new! In 2019, what if, instead of these good old classics, you focused on being kind to yourself, others and the planet?

What About Kindness?

Although kindness has always been an important value, it should be the IT word now more than ever. We sure needs kindness these days! In 2019, why not embrace it and make it your number one motto. With these 5 easy and kind resolutions, transform your life and the world into a better place to live in.

Be Kind To Yourself

1. Become your best friend

Too often, we are our worst enemy. We ask more of ourselves than we do of others and are quick to beat ourselves up over missing a training session at the gym or eating that extra cookie. Adopt a positive attitude. Set realistic objectives. Respect your limits and learn to say no. OK, that’s like too many resolutions at once, but you get the idea. Be authentic. Be proud of who you are. In 2019, just be you!

2. Make yourself a top priority

Yes, you read that right: Take time for yourself. Without a goal or objective. Not to lose weight, not to follow a trend or to be part of the gang. Do it for just for the kick of it! Pick up a good book, draw, knit, practise yoga… Whatever makes you happy. Remember when you were a kid and did things with an unwavering enthusiasm? That’s what you should aim for!

Be Kind To Others

You don’t have to volunteer every day to be a kind human. Kindness and empathy are a good start. The little things often have the most impact. A simple phone call, a positive word, spending time with friends… That’s all it takes!

3. Plan Quality Time with Loved Ones

Quality time. That’s probably the most precious gift of all. In 2019, days still have 24 hours, but the 21st century seems to make the clock tick faster and faster. That’s one more reason to dedicate more hours in your week to your family and friends. Yes, that means putting your phone away and living in the moment. Having time for loved ones and also means leaving toxic relationships aside to make room for the positive ones. Whether it’s an impromptu dinner, a planned activity or a simple movie night in your pj’s, the important thing is to be with the most precious people in your life.

Be Kind To The Planet

Reducing your carbon footprint by making smart choices is the best way to be kind to the planet. A must in 2019!

4. Join the zero waste movement

In 2019, there are no valid excuses not to hop on the zero waste bandwagon! If a few years ago, carrying around reusable bulk bags would have placed you in the hippie category, it’s far from the case today. No need to turn your world totally upside down. Start with small and easy steps to save the planet: replace plastic wrap and disposable snack bags and straws with a reusable version. Options are now endless and many products are beautifully designed. Saving the Earth in style… What’s not to love?

5.Choose natural and eco-friendly products

Why not buy directly from a local farmer? Or maybe walk to the nearest coffee shop instead of taking your car. Perhaps you could opt for natural body care products? Every step, no matter how small, is a step towards a healthier planet. You could trade one article in your grocery cart for an organic one or swap your hydrating cream and its toxic ingredients for a more natural alternative. Just a few ideas that we are putting out there!

The 21st century is 19 years young! It’s just stepping out of its teenage years and discovering its adult life. It’s the ideal time to adopt sustainable and healthy habits for the future. It all starts with being kind to yourself, to others and to Mother Earth. Happy New Year! Let Kindness be your guide!

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