5 Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day is often a time of year when we make impulsive purchases. Wouldn’t it be great instead, to take a moment to pick simple but thoughtful gifts for the ones we love? How about a surprise they truly need such as offering quality time together, a listening ear or even natural body care products made locally, here in Québec? Discover 5 gift ideas, all of them with hemp oil and its amazing benefits, to spoil your loved ones the way they deserve to be.

1. The Hand Cream: An Essential Winter Staple!

Valentine’s Day might warm up your heart, it still happens in the middle of a freezing winter month. It’s the time of year when we are constantly going from the warmth and coziness of our home, workplace or car, to below zero temperatures and harsh winds. Our skin has to work hard adapt to these changing conditions! As a result, it tends to become dull and dry. On February 14th, give your special one a restorative cream for hands and feet, a face cream or a sensitive skin cream to help them say goodbye to dry winter skin.

2. The Bath and Massage Body Oil: For Total Relaxation

Wondering if your valentine really needs bath and massage oil? Of course they do! Finding time to relax and slow down in our busy world is necessary. That’s why it shouldn’t be considered a luxury to schedule a massage or a moment to unwind in the bathtub with the soothing scent of relaxing essential oils. In fact, it’s almost essential in order to survive overtime, noisy neighbours or having to run after the bus on your commute to work!

3. The Face Scrub, a Perfect Solution for Radiant Skin

Give the gift of radiance this winter with the Chanv face scrub. Made with hemp oil, this deep-cleansing scrub removes dead skin and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Ideal in the shower, for a fresh and regenerating sensation.  

4. The Chanv Lip Balm: A Best Friend for Winter Sports Enthusiasts!

An ideal present for outdoor enthusiasts, the Chanv lip balm is as essential as any other winter gear. It can be tucked in a coat pocket and used against the cold, wind, sun, or anything else that could cause chapped and cracked lips. Winter is a tough time of the year to keep your skin and lips moisturized! Between rushing down the slopes, hiking up to the next summit or even taking a quick walk around the neighbourhood, extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on your lips. As if that wasn’t bad enough, indoor heating, makes the air in our homes very dry! That’s why this lip balm is the perfect gift and your new best friend for moisturized, well-hydrated lips.  

5. The Chanv Muscle Cream: A well-Deserved Treat.

The muscle cream, made from hemp oil, is a great gift for everyone, regardless of how active they are. From the ones who spend hours at work typing in front of a computer to those who hit the gym daily, it relieves muscle pain and tensions wherever and whenever it’s necessary. You can’t go wrong with this Valentine’s Day present!

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