How to Develop Your Spiritual Practice

Spirituality, it must be said, is a hot topic. Let’s face it, many preconceived ideas are associated with it. While some believe it necessarily goes hand in hand with religion, others think of it as an esoteric New Age practice. If you are convinced spirituality isn’t your cup of tea because it involves sitting with a bunch of people meditating in white linen tunics in a room that smells of incense, think again! Spiritual practice doesn’t have to be so complicated !

What is spirituality?

Coming up with a definition for spirituality is challenging. Why? Because how we see it and the way we practise it has evolved over time. Today, spirituality and how it is expressed can be very different from one person to another. One could even say that it is unique to each of us! The search for life’s true meaning, for purpose, gratitude, personal growth, believing that there is something greater than yourself, these are all manifestations of your spirituality. How can you develop your spiritual practice when it all seems so mysterious? Here are some simple ideas, some of which are probably already part of your daily life.

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Spend Time Alone

The 21st century has glorified being busy, overbooked and connected twenty-four/seven. Somewhere along the way, it became the norm. Having a blank space in your agenda is now frowned upon, because free time is seen as unproductive. However, doing nothing at all is a perfect moment to reconnect with what really matters and develop your spiritual practice. As you keep your mind busy, busy, busy, you make it impossible to take the time to reflect on the meaning of your life, your values and your dreams. Of course, during those quiet moments, make sure your smartphone doesn’t make the guest list.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Okay. This advice may seem to contradict the one before, but the explanation is quite simple. Surrounding yourself with people who share your values, with friends with whom you can have deeper conversations on a variety of topics (without fear of judgment), being part of a group, are all wonderful opportunities to develop your spirituality. How? Surrounding yourself with positive individuals or groups will inevitably bring inspiring people and conversations to your life, models that will positively influence you in your personal growth journey.

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Embrace Daily Rituals as a spiritual practice

No, meditation, although very useful, is not mandatory. Daily rituals could be anything you decide them to be. The only rule: It has to bring you happiness, peacefulness and give you some time to reflect, to be mindful and grateful. Whether it’s a moment alone every morning contemplating the landscape over coffee, a meditation session, writing positive thoughts in a journal, reading inspiring quotes, relaxing in a warm bath or gardening in silence, find out what allows you to reflect and contemplate!

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Enjoy What Nature Has to Give

It is a scientific fact. Nature has positive effects on your health. Yup! Spending time outdoors helps reduce stress, symptoms of depression and anxiety, and much more. How does it help with your spirituality? Spending time in nature encourages you to clear your mind and to become more aware of the beauty that surrounds you. And in your search for something that is greater than you is there anything more convincing than nature’s greatness? Anything more humbling than standing under a tree that seems to be touching the clouds? From majestic trees to vegetables growing in your garden, nature is both mysterious and fascinating, not to mention a source of joy.

Whether you go on a hike, take up gardening or decide to simply pull a chair out and sit in the middle of your backyard, nature provides peacefulness and the perfect setting to reflect and reconnect. The weather doesn’t have to be sunny, take out your raincoat and head outside. Rain and its regular, comforting rhythm has the perfect soundtrack for a meditative moment.

Spirituality is a personal thing. These ideas are obviously just that … ideas among a multitude of possibilities. Volunteering, creativity through art, being active, practising yoga, listening to music, playing an instrument, it is up to you to discover what helps you in your journey towards a more fulfilling, spiritual and happy life.

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