4 Superfoods you Won’t Want to Live Without

Let’s be honest. The word “superfood” has been quite overused in the last few years. Are you just as confused as we are by what is considered a superfood? In fact, you might be surprised to learn that any food with exceptional nutritional qualities could make the list. Yup. That’s right. From blueberries to avocado, many foods in your fridge are actually superfood. Why is it then, that kale and chia seeds have been on every plate for their super health benefits, while the equally amazing brussel sprouts are patiently waiting for their glory days?

The food industry, just like the clothes industry, follows trends. Yes, there is such a thing as beets being back in style. Largely influenced by social media, these trends are basically telling us what to eat and how to eat it. Remember avocado toasts? Or when kale was in EVERYTHING? Just like neon colours ruled over your wardrobe in 1988, the famous green cabbage and its curly leaves started being trendy in 2012 and from chips to smoothies to salads, it was everywhere. The great news is, kale is actually truly great for you while neon colours … well, let’s just say we don’t miss them. So, which foods should be on your list of you-absolutely-have-to-taste-this right now? Here is a list of local gems to add to your plate that you won’t be able to live without!


Hemp, often sold as hemp seeds (or hearts) are versatile, rich in essential fatty acid and are a source of high-quality plant protein, more than flaxseeds. They can be added to smoothies by the spoonfuls, sprinkled over salads for a bit of crunch, on yogurt or even on cereals. Hemp seeds can also be blended and then strained to make a surprising plant-based milk.

Fermented Superfoods and Drinks: Discover Kombucha

Have you tried fermented foods yet? No? Of course you have. Ever heard of yogurt? Yup, that’s fermented my friend. Sauerkraut, kimchi and miso are also in that same category. These superstar of intestinal health apparently also have anti-inflammatory properties. But the most interesting fermented drink is without a doubt Kombucha. You won’t want to live without the booch once you try it! This drink, made with fermented tea, is available is as many flavours as there are brewers! Sparkling, thirst-quenching and refreshing, it is a delicious and healthy alternative to soda.

The province is absolutely IN LOVE with kombucha, and artisan brewers are popping left, right and centre, all with interesting and original combinations and variations of the drink. Of course, we have a soft spot for the only hemp kombucha in a can in Québec, the one and only Kombuchanv. Imagine! Two superfoods, hemp and kombucha, reunited in one amazing beverage. You have to try it now!

Let’s Root for Root Vegetables superfood

Veggies are more and more popular and thankfully, taking up more and more space on our plates. That’s great news for your health, but which vegetables made our list as a superfood to discover? We couldn’t pick just one, so we picked a whole group of them: root vegetables. Yup. Good old parsnips, carrots, beets and radishes are back in town. Easy to grow, they have a long shelf life, are available year-round and are busting with vitamins, fibres, potassium and more. They are versatile as they can be enjoyed raw or grilled, roasted or steamed! Looking for even more special veggie? Try celeriac aka celery root. Try making a classic remoulade salad, it will become a staple in your fridge!

Berries: Why Not Try the Amazing Haskap?

You love strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and so do we. But if you are up for something special and unusual in the fruit world, try the haskap berry, available fresh or frozen, depending on the season. Never heard of it? Once you taste it, you will be asking for more! They look like a long blueberry, but once you bite into it, you will be stunned by their rich dark red colour and their remarkable and unique taste and texture. Sweet, tart, juicy, they are also the first berries to show up at the farmers’ market in June. Haskap berries are perfect on cereals, in muffins, transformed into jams or even into a deep red sauce to drizzle over meat. These tiny fruits are very rich in antioxidants, more than most berries out there. What’s not to love about that!

So, what will it be? Hemp, haskap berries, kombucha? What will you discover and taste first? In any case, remember that one single superfood will never have the superpower to keep your body healthy. A balanced and varied diet is the way to go, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, not even the latest trendsetters!

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